We perform bariatric surgery – weight-loss surgery and perform specialist outpatient diagnostic tests in Slovenia.

All the time we follow all the news about weight-loss surgery and our achievements can be compared with those of the world's top centers for weight-loss surgery. We are able to perform any of the worldly recognized weight-loss surgery. Even in children or in patients over 70.

Tests have proved that obesity is a major risk for cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer, stomach acid problems, joint problems, respiration problems, gallbladder disease and many other diseases. Obesity can even cause death – because of pauses in breathing while sleeping or sleep apnea. On average in the EU countries,15.5% of the adult population is obese. The rate of obesity in the last 20 years more than doubled in most EU countries.
Take care so that you will not be a part of these statistics anymore! Long-term tests have shown that bariatric (weight-loss) surgery is the only effective treatment to combat obesity. Let's get familiar with bariatric surgery!